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Мадагаскарский Цапики, колумбийский авангард и лучшее из Швейцарии
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Sound, Sacrifice, and Explorations of Devotion in Anatolia — Mix by Ege Şahin
The New EE Radio
Drone Jazz, Bamboo Flute, and Blaring Trumpets — Mix by Radio is a Foreign Country
Born in Ghostland Vol.2—Sepand Shahab
Neo-Ambient, Futuristic Kuduro, and Egyptian Drum’n’Bass — Mix by MSYLMA
Lualua Vol. 1: Treasures of Qatar, Hosted by Inzhener Zemli
Dushan-Bangers: 80s Tajik Pop—A Music Atlas Genre Mix
MENA Modular, Punk, and Electro-Dub — Mix by Hive Mind Records
Born in Ghostland Vol. 1 — Anna Zoria
Sounds from the Gulf—Mix by Mothanna Hussein
Lost Tapes, Moroccan Chanson, and Cairene Avantgarde—Mix by Koyil
Senyawa—Global Zomia Vol. 5
From Crackling Oud to Saudi Disco—Mix by Nabihah Iqbal
Selections from the Syrian Cassette Archives—Mix by Mark Gergis
Gifts From Loved Ones—Mix from Mississippi Records
Sahel Sounds—Global Zomia Vol.4
Eclectic Moods for a New Year—Mix by Artem Krapivin
Baleganjur—A Music Atlas Genre Mix
A Glimpse into 2021 Releases—Mix by Sublime Frequencies
Neo, Psych, and Avant Folk—Mix by Debora Ipekel
Ostinato Records—Global Zomia Vol. 3
Ashiqs—A Music Atlas Genre Mix
Aural Nusa—Mix by Fahmi Mursyid
Canary Records—Global Zomia Vol. 1
Out of the Glass Box—Mix by Rabih Beaini
Mawaheb Open CallПоддержка молодых музыкантов и diy-этнографов из региона MENA